Shackets: A Functional, Year-Round Fashion Trend

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If you’re a living, breathing human woman who has shopped at all in the last couple months, you have probably noticed one particular trend in the fashion world: shackets.

A shacket — a mix between a shirt and a jacket — is a layering dream. They’re often made of a flannel-adjacent material that’s thick enough to act as a jacket, while still being thin enough to be comfortable as a shirt and not too stiff, heavy, or warm. It’s a great option for that in-between fall/spring temperature where you don’t need a coat. You can throw it on over a tee and be good to go in 65 degrees. I mean, who ever knows what to wear in 65 degrees? You can also layer it up even more when it’s chillier by pairing it with a turtleneck or flannel underneath and a coat on top. And if you get too warm? Tie it around your waist!

I first saw this trend in men’s fashion years ago (aka my dad’s wardrobe), and I’m excited that it’s migrated over to women’s fashion because it’s an extremely practical garment. Honestly, why do men get first dibs on so many good clothes, like dad jeans? Women just seem to do it better. #sorrynotsorry

Here are some of my tips for styling a shacket:

  • For a patterned shacket, like a plaid, layer a neutral top underneath it so the shacket is the “statement.” Don’t wear an equally loud shirt under it just because you’re banking on taking your top layer off. I feel like this is a quote from a movie or TV show, but it’s an outfit. Stick to the outfit! Pick a different top layer if that’s the case.
  • To wear a shacket by itself, “French tuck” into a pair of denim (we talked about this in a previous post) or tuck one side, so one flap is hanging down. Trust me, when done right, it looks trendy and super cute.
  • For an oversized shacket, like one that hits mid-thigh, balance out the volume on your bottom half with a pair of skinny jeans or faux leather leggings. Over-the-knee boots, booties, or loafers would be a great shoe choice here!
  • Feminize the look of your shacket by stacking on some shiny gold jewelry and a hat.

At Neutral Rebel, we’ve definitely hopped on the shacket trend. We live by the value of versatility, and shackets are versatile so you can get wear out of them all year round. It’s a good excuse to invest in one or two… or five.

One of our best-selling pieces this winter has been our Into the Wild Buffalo Plaid Shacket, as well as a solid grey shacket that sold out!

Into the Wild Buffalo Plaid Shacket ($52.00)

Check out our Into the Wild Shacket while it’s still available on our website, and keep up with all our new arrivals by following us on Instagram at shopneutralrebel.


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Neutral Rebel is an online boutique offering women’s fashion exclusively in neutral shades. Shop our store at

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Neutral Rebel

Neutral Rebel

Neutral Rebel is an online boutique offering women’s fashion exclusively in neutral shades. Shop our store at

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