Skinny Jeans Are Out. So What’s In?

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I’ve been on TikTok A LOT recently. This means, like everyone else on the app, I get firsthand awareness of trends in music, fashion, and all other things pop culture. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Generation Z (aka Zoomers) are the ones calling all the shots in the latest trends recently. The ones in their prime are aged 18–24. One of their most recent proclamations is… skinny jeans are out.

I don’t know what gives Gen Z the power to decide anything. Anyone whose birth year begins with a 2 should have zero decision-making power. But that’s beside the point. The tribe has spoken, and we (the people who care if 20-year-olds think we’re cool) must follow.

I’m 25 and I’ve been big on high-waisted skinny jeans for years now. They pair easily with any type of shoe while keeping your tummy held in. What could possibly be the alternative?

The new trend that is taking over the denim world is not really one style or cut. It’s generally a style that has a straighter or wider leg than that of a skinny style. This encompasses styles like mom jeans, dad jeans, straight jeans, flare jeans, bootcut jeans, and more. The first three are more relevant in 2021, though flare and bootcut had their moment in 2019–2020.

Here’s an example of the new jean trend:

Personally, I think these jeans are really cute and flattering when styled well. I like that some of these 90s trends are coming back with a more modern twist. It’s relaxed, effortless chic.

However, a lot of women in the comments of these TikTok videos that talk about the new jean trend are concerned. Straight-leg jeans can be daunting to style at first — what kind of shoes look good with them? Do booties look weird? Do I look frumpy in a loose top? WHAT ARE THE RULES?! We like skinny jeans and that’s what we’re used to — why change it?

You don’t need to be afraid of jeans that aren’t skinny! It’s a fun challenge to try things out of the box and out of your comfort zone. If you really don’t like them, just be sure to check the return policy before buying and keep the tags in tact while trying on.

If do want to try this trend and you’re one of the ones struggling out there, here are my styling tips for non-skinny jeans:

  • Make sure they’re the right length. With wider-legged jeans, it’s important to show ankle. When they’re long, it can make you look frumpy fast. For example, I have a pair of Madewell’s The Curvy Perfect Vintage Jean that originally came with a standard hem and came down below my ankle and, while I loved the fit, I never wore them because they were just a little too long. So, whenever I tried them on with any kind of shoe, I didn’t like how it looked. I ended up cutting about an inch off each leg and making a raw hem, which I prefer on my jeans anyway! Now, I wear them all the time and they are so much more flattering on my figure.
  • Fully tuck or French tuck your top. Straight or wide leg jeans can make you look bigger than you are, especially if you carry more weight on the bottom, so tucking will define your waist to counteract that.
  • Elongate your body with heeled shoes. I love to wear sneakers with straight-leg jeans for a casual look, but your ‘fit will be taken to a whole new level when you pair your denim with shoes like booties or strappy heels. The extra height and illusion of length from a boot or showing your bare feet gives it real *umph*.
Blake High-Rise Distressed Mom Jeans ($46.00)

Right now, we have one pair of mom jeans at Neutral Rebel and we plan add at least two more straight-leg denim styles to our website for the spring and summer.

Check out our Blake High-Rise Distressed Mom Jeans here.

They’re some of the comfiest jeans I’ve ever worn and I’m not just biased— stretchy but still hold their shape after wearing and washing.

They look great with many of our tops, but try it with the buttery soft Charlie High-Low Tunic Sweater and Lexie Belted Panama Hat!

Happy styling!


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Neutral Rebel is an online boutique offering women’s fashion exclusively in neutral shades. Shop our store at

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Neutral Rebel

Neutral Rebel

Neutral Rebel is an online boutique offering women’s fashion exclusively in neutral shades. Shop our store at

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