The Most Popular Fabric in Fashion Right Now

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I would argue that Sherpa is the most popular fabric in fashion right now. Sure, suede and velvet always comes back in style during the fall and winter — that’s a given. But jackets made from Sherpa are currently everywhere in many different forms and variations; you can’t go to any retailer’s website without seeing it. It’s been around for a while, but what is it?

Sherpa is a fabric made from polyester, acrylic, or cotton. It looks like shearling, or sheep’s fur, worn by the Sherpa people of Nepal, but it’s not made from real fur. This is how Sherpa got its name. It’s often used to line coats and jackets due to its soft and fluffy feel, but on its own, it wouldn’t keep you super warm outdoors since it doesn’t have the tough hide on the reverse side.

Sherpa is surging in popularity for its retro vibes. Like I said before, it’s been around for a while. Nothing reminds you more of the iconic shag carpet of the 1970s than a Sherpa-lined jacket.

Many people confuse shearling, Sherpa, and fleece. So, here’s a brief breakdown of the differences to help you out:

  • Shearling: Genuine sheep or lamb’s skin with suede on one side and wool on the other.
  • Sherpa: Often referred to as “faux-shearling;” a synthetic fabric that looks like shearling.
  • Fleece: Named after the coat of a sheep, but a synthetic fabric made from polyester.

At Neutral Rebel, we took note of this rising trend. We currently offer a Sherpa teddy jacket and Sherpa lounge set so you can get your fix.

Let It Fall Plaid Sherpa Jacket ($58.00) & Cuddle Me Sherpa Lounge Set ($52.00)

The Let It Fall jacket can seem so overwhelming in all its fluff that it might be difficult to style. Don’t let it overpower you. You can easily rock this by keeping it simple. I would pair this item with skinny jeans, booties or sneaks, and a plain long-sleeve tee or bodysuit. Put your hair up in a high pony or add volume with some curls, and accessorize with your favorite statement jewelry.

The Cuddle Me lounge set hardly needs any styling tips. As the name implies, it’s meant for lounging at home with snacks and current Netflix obsession. You can totally wear it out to pick up a coffee or go on a mid-day walk during those long WFH days. I’d throw on a pair of gold hoops and white sneakers and you’re good to go!

Shop these super cozy Sherpa styles and more fall & winter favorites on our website now.


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Neutral Rebel is an online boutique offering women’s fashion exclusively in neutral shades. Shop our store at

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Neutral Rebel

Neutral Rebel

Neutral Rebel is an online boutique offering women’s fashion exclusively in neutral shades. Shop our store at

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